A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are the Cupidon! This year your love potion has been too potent and the people are so in love that they don't know where they are going! You must protect them or God will not be happy with you!

Game created for Brackeys Game Jam 2#

Install instructions

1. Download and extract the files inside a folder of choice .

2. Run the game through the  .exe file!

3. Have fun!


Blind, Deadly Love.zip 18 MB
Blind, Deadly Love MacOS.zip 19 MB
Blind, Deadly Love Linux.zip 19 MB
Blind, Deadly Love PostJam - Windows.zip 18 MB
Blind, Deadly Love PostJam - MacOS.zip 19 MB
Blind, Deadly Love PostJam - Linux.zip 19 MB

Development log


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This game was surprisingly really fun and quite challenging! I just wish there was a bit more to do, but other than that, I really enjoyed playing this game!

Glad you enjoyed!


Short, simple, and a little blocky, Blind Deadly Love is pretty much what you would expect out of a game where you play as a Cupid and shoot people with hate arrows. I only wish I had better aim and maybe a more visible scoring system.

Good job, dev.

Thank you for the review! 

As you said, the game needs some more polish and that is what i will be doing in the future! A visable score will come and also... you have no idea how hard aim was in the previous version!

Glad you enjoyed!

Windows build works (unlike MacOS one).

1. The hand-drawn skybox is really out of style here

2. Main problem currently is that most of the times (95%) you mouse-left-click it doesn't do anything. I feel like in order for you to shoot you have to: Stop moving with WASD, then move slightly a camera and only then it shoots sometimes. Otherwise it just won't shoot. (It's just my assumption. I don't really understand when it shoots).

Check out my game as well: https://nns2009.itch.io/love-full-house

Thanks a lot for the feedback! 

I had no idea the MacOS did not work as it worked for a friend of mine.

The shooting indeed has a rate of fire which does not allow spamming, so it takes around 0.2s before you can shoot again and so far i have not had this complaint that it would not shoot. I've tested the game on multiple PCs and it works but i'll make sure to look into it.

That skybox is indeed bad :/

MacOS might work if you manually download and run it (I haven't tried) but to be precise I meant that it doesn't work from within an itch application.

MacOS build doesn't work:

"An error occurred while launching Blind Deadly Love
No executables were found"


NO MORE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love it.