A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Everything is your enemy but,

you must be careful, for you can only destroy those enemies which the game tells you to! Three frames command your actions and the three frames you must obey!

Due to lack of play testing i have thrown the player a bone and have given a random chance for some enemies to not end the game even if they are supposed to.

How to play:

Move - WASD

Aim & Shoot - Mouse

Space - Slow-Mo

This game was made for the Community Game Jam 2019 in 7 days and was my first attempt at making a 2D game.

Install instructions

1. Download zip.

2. Unzip file.

3. Enjoy!


The Enemy is What - Windows.zip 16 MB
The Enemy is What - MacOS.zip 19 MB
The Enemy is What - Linux.zip 19 MB

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